2019 Summer Classes


All our classes are taught by professional fiber artists with years of experience.


Make It Madder
Minimum 6 participants
Saturday (10 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) July 13
$145 plus materials (see below)
Instructor: Jackie Ottino-Graf

Madder root is a time-honored dye stuff, prized for centuries for deep, fast colors. There are many components in the roots that yield shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and brown. We just need to put some chemistry to work to coax them out. Working with only madder root, we will use different mordants and modifiers to shift the range into 20 distinct hues. We will be dyeing wool yarns in this workshop. There are two options for materials. Option 1 is $10 and you will receive a color card of the 20 colors we make in class plus a handout. Option 2 is $80 and you will receive the color card, the handout plus 20 mini skeins of the dyed merino yarn, around 800 yards, sport weight.

Yellow and Blue Make Green
Minimum 6 participants
Sunday (10 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) July 14
$145 plus materials
Instructor: Jackie Ottino-Graf

There are surprisingly few natural dyes that yield the color green. However, there are many shades of yellow and several options for different blues. Working with our kindergarten color-mixing principles, we will dye 6 or 7 shades of yellow from a variety of dyestuffs: fresh plant material, dried plant material, kitchen scraps, sawdust . . . then we will overdye these yellows into different shades of green using Indigo in a variety of preparations. Emerald, Lime, Teal, Lincoln, Moss, Sage. There are two options for materials. Option 1 is $10 and you will receive a color card of the 20 colors we make in class plus a handout. Option 2 is $80 and you will receive the color card, the handout plus 20 mini skeins of the dyed merino yarn, around 800 yards, sport weight.


Since summer is typically quiet, we’re going to try something new with a few of our classes. Those listed with *** in their name will be run if there is enough interest. Please call the shop and register and we’ll decide on a date and time together when the minimum of 3 students is reached.

Knitting Club
Monday mornings (10 a.m. – noon ) May 6 – August 26
$80 for 16 weeks
OR Tuesday afternoons (1 – 3 p.m.) May 7 – August 27
$85 for 17 weeks
NEW SESSION!!! OR Wednesday mornings (10 a.m. – noon ) May 8 – August 28
(we will begin this session when we get 4 people; give us a call to sign up)
$85 for 17 weeks
OR Thursday afternoons (1 – 3 p.m.) May 9 – August 29
$80 for 16 weeks
OR Thursday evenings (7 – 9 p.m.) May 9 – August 29
$80 for 16 weeks
OR Friday mornings (10 a.m. – noon) May 10 – August 30
$85 for 17 weeks
Advisors: Suzanne Kelly

This is not a class, but a support group for beginners through advanced knitters. Some knitting experience is required: you must know how to knit and purl. Members receive a $5 merchandise credit for each week in attendance PLUS 10% OFF all yarn. Feel free to join anytime, even after the sessions have started (we will prorate the fee). Not sure if this is for you? Try a class for free.

Be the Boss of Your Knitting!
Minimum 3 participants
Fridays (10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.)
OR Wednesdays (10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.)
DROP-IN: $25 for one class, $60 for 3 consecutive classes or $75 for 4 consecutive classes
Instructor: Debbie Hess
The purpose of this class is to give you the confidence and skill to enjoy what you knit, to make decisions which will improve both your craft and your art, and to tackle projects which inspire you. My goal as a teacher is to help you find joy and beauty in this process, and to be part of a community of women with whom to share the adventure. These classes will be run in 4-week blocks.

*** Knit Your First Sweater--Summer Edition!
Minimum 3 participants
3 sessions total
$75 plus materials
Instructor: Rebecca Brown

Are you eager to knit your first sweater but are intimidated by the process and making sure it will fit? This class aims to dispel those worries! We'll discuss getting gauge, what the heck is meant by "ease", and look at different construction methods. Meetings will be arranged based on participant availability, so that everyone is as supported as possible through their first sweater. The pattern suggested for this class is suitable for first-time sweater knitters both in terms of construction and fit. Please bring: A copy of the pattern (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/togue-pond); appropriate yarn, needles, and notions; and your sense of adventure!

Knitting Basics
Minimum 2 participants
Sunday (1:00 – 3:30 p.m.) June 23
$45 plus materials
Instructor: Rebecca Brown

Interested in learning to knit but not sure how to begin? You’ll learn a lot of new words (swatch, knit, purl, cast-on, cast-off, garter, stockinette) and how to start and finish the most basic project. You’ll learn how to read a simple pattern and you’ll leave with the skills to complete the project. You can then take these skills and make other useful squares/rectangles (like a scarf)! Please bring: One skein of worsted weight yarn and size US 7 straight needles (someone in the shop can help you find the right materials), along with your sense of adventure

Lacey Plant Hanger
Minimum 3 participants
Sunday (1:00 – 3:00 p.m.) July 14 AND July 21
$60 plus materials
Instructor: Rebecca Brown

Ready to move from straight needles to knitting in the round? Make a functional and beautiful plant hanger while tackling DPNs (double-pointed needles) and lace! With a bit of concentration, you'll have an awesome planter that you can use for succulents or an air plant. This class is perfect for adventurous beginners/intermediate knitters who want to learn how to use double pointed needles and read a lace chart. Please bring: A copy of the pattern (https://knithacker.com/2018/12/great-gift-idea-knit-a-terrarium-hanger-free-pattern-designed-by-pam-powers/); appropriate yarn, needles, and notions; and your sense of adventure!

Toe-Up Socks
Minimum 3 participants
Sunday (3:00 – 5:00 p.m.) July 14 AND July 21
$60 plus materials
Instructor: Rebecca Brown

Take your knitting skills to the next level and learn how to make socks! Socks are the ultimate in handmade gifts and the perfect project for knitting on the go. Magic loop will be introduced, as well as the "toe-up" method for knitting socks. We'll spend the first session casting on and knitting the toe and insole. In between sessions, your homework will be to finish the gusset. This class is perfect for intermediate knitters who are new to knitting socks; you know your knits from your purls and aren't afraid of w&t (wrap and turn). Please bring: A copy of the pattern (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/skimmer-socks-revisited); appropriate yarn, needles, and notions; and your sense of adventure!

Colorwork and Steeks!
Minimum 3 participants
Sunday (1:00 – 3:30 p.m.) August 18 AND August 25
$60 plus materials
Instructor: Rebecca Brown

Learn stranded knitting (aka colorwork) and prepare to cut (gasp!) your knitting! Steeking, or cutting your knitting, is a traditional technique for knitting colorwork and is not as scary as it sounds! It also makes stranded knitting much much easier. These charming colorwork pulse warmers offer so many learning opportunities. You'll learn stranded knitting in the round and carrying yarn in the first session. During the second session we'll cut our knitting open (steeking). Then we'll pick up stitches to work buttonbands. You will have to complete your cuff in between sessions, so it'll ready to be cut into. This class is perfect for intermediate knitters who want to expand their skill set and aren't afraid to take a scissors to their yarn. Please bring: A copy of the pattern (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mushroom-pulse-warmers); appropriate yarn, needles, and notions; and your sense of adventure! Yarn MUST be NON-superwash wool.


Needle Felted Foxes
Minimum 3 participants
Sunday (1:30 – 4:00 p.m.) June 9
$50 includes materials
Instructor: Amy Jones

Learn the fun art of needle felting with this beginner’s/intermediate project! You will learn how to manipulate wool roving with special barbed needles that causes the fiber to felt without water, thus allowing you to create beautiful 3D works of art. Your choice of either a Red Fox or Arctic Fox. Class comes with all materials: fiber, needles, felting pads, birch wood slices. These lovely woodland creatures make wonderful gifts as well! Bring your sense of fun and creativity with you!


Beginning Weaving on a 4-Harness Loom
Minimum 3 participants
Monday (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) June 24 AND Friday (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) June 28
OR Saturday (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) August 17 AND Sunday (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) August 18
$190 plus materials (includes loom rental fee)
Instructor: Penny Lacroix

This 2-day class is a start-to-finish beginning weaving experience on a 4-shaft loom. The first day, students are guided through measuring out a warp, beaming the warp, sleying the reed and threading the heddles. The first few rows of weaving will be complete before the end of the day. The looms go home with students with instructions for weaving a sampler between the classes. Support is available between the classes for those who need a little confidence. On the second day, the samplers are completed and we take a step back to get an introduction to project planning and drafting. Portable 4-shaft tabletop looms are provided for use during and between the classes as part of the class fee. An additional materials fee covers the yarn used for the sampler. Materials fee: cost of 6-9 oz perle cotton ($1.44 per ounce) and the optional purchase of Learning to Weave by Debbie Chandler.
Special offer for Beginning Weaving: Take the class with a friend for just $20 more! You’ll work on one loom and make one sampler, but you will both learn just as much!

Scarf in a Day
One participant at a time
Call to schedule a date – allow a minimum of 4 hours
$75 includes materials, instruction and use of the pre-warped loom for a day
Instructor: Penny Lacroix

Come in and weave a rayon chenille scarf on a pre-warped loom. You will receive personal instructions how to wind bobbins and weave the scarf. When you are done weaving, you cut the scarf off the loom and take it home for finishing. Fringing and washing instructions will be provided. No need to invest in a loom, warping, and materials. Let us do that for you!

*** Weaving Refresher
Minimum 3 participants; one 6-hour session
$85 ($115 including loom rental) plus materials
Instructor: Penny Lacroix

Have you taken the Beginning Weaving class but you’re not confident enough to plan and execute a project on your own? This class is for you. You’ll have a choice of making 2 cotton dishtowels or a chenille scarf. In this one-day class, we’ll review the draft plan for your project (prepared by the instructor), wind the warp, and get a good start on warping your loom. Then you’ll go home and finish the project on your own. If you are renting a loom from the Fiber Loft, you’ll have 2 weeks to finish the project. Materials fee: $20 for a scarf or $18 for a dishtowel.

*** Advanced Beginner Weaving
Minimum 3 participants; one 6-hour session
$155 plus materials
Instructor: Penny Lacroix

Ready for your next weaving project? In this 3-part class, students will work with the instructor to plan 3 projects, then weave them on their looms at home. Each project will implement a different weave structure. Class time will include planning the project, choosing appropriate yarn, creating a draft and building confidence. Finishing the projects will also be discussed. Table looms are available for rent. Prerequisite: Students must have taken a beginning weaving class or have some weaving experience. They must also have their own loom at home and be able to warp their loom independently.


Spinning Club
First Monday of each month (1:00 – 3:00 p.m.)
No charge
Advisor: Suzanne Kelly

This is a drop-in class. Join us to sit, spin and relax with your wheel or spindle once a month. We’ll share techniques, tips, and conversation. All levels are welcome. Participants will receive 10% OFF spinning fibers the days the club meets.

Beginning Spinning on the Wheel
Minimum 3 participants
Tuesday (10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.) August 6
$90 Instructor: Penny Lacroix

Do you want to be able to spin your own yarn for knitting, weaving or gifting? Do you want to try different wheels to see what works best for you? Do you want to understand the difference between roving and top, and how to use them? Students will learn to spin from different types of commercially prepared fiber and try several types of wheels. Equipment and fiber will be provided for use in the class.

Beginner's Drop Spindle Spinning
Minimum 3 participants
Wednesday (1 – 3:30 p.m.) June 26
OR Thursday (6 – 8:30 p.m.) August 1
$45 includes materials
Instructor: Penny Lacroix

Love fiber? Love yarn? Learn to make your own yarn from commercially prepared wool fibers using a drop spindle. Spinning with a drop spindle is relaxing and portable. Students may bring their own drop spindle, borrow one from the instructor, or purchase one at the shop. Each student in this half-day class will go home with a small skein of handspun yarn.

*** Great Wheel Spinning
Minimum 3 participants
One 2.5 to 3 hour class
$45 includes materials
Instructor: Penny Lacroix

Are you interested in learning to spin on a Great Wheel/Wool Wheel/Walking Wheel? Classes will be arranged at a mutually convenient time when there are 3 interested students. Please email or call the shop to put your name on the list. Prerequisite: Students must already know how to spin. Being able to bring your own great wheel is preferred, but arrangements may be made to rent one..


Want to take a class but can’t make the scheduled session? We offer private spinning lessons at $35 per hour. You choice of drop-spindle (taught by Penny Lacroix) or wheel spinning (taught by Suzanne Kelly). You will be spinning by the end of the session. Our private lessons in crochet and knitting are $45 for a two-hour session taught by Lynn Cooke. Beginners will learn the basics plus the supplies and tools they need to get started. Our private rigid heddle weaving lessons are $35 per hour and are taught by Ann Murphy. Penny Lacroix also teaches our private 4-harness weaving lessons for $35 an hour. Give us a call at 978-456-8669 for more information or to set up an appointment.


Experienced staff now provide a repair and finishing service for your projects. If you have a hole to fix, need help putting a sweater together, etc. we’ll take a look at it and give you an estimate.

  • We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express, as well as checks. Phone registration accepted with credit card. Tuition for classes will be charged 4 days prior to a session. No refunds after that time. Tuitions will be refunded if class is cancelled.
  • All materials can be bought at the Fiber Loft, either ahead of time or the day of the class.
  • Unless otherwise noted in the class listing, the cost of materials is additional.
  • While enrolled in a class at the Fiber Loft, students are eligible for a 10% discount on yarns and fibers.
  • If school is cancelled in Harvard due to inclement weather, then classes at the Fiber Loft are also cancelled. Please call if you are unsure if the shop will be open.
  • Teenagers are welcome in all adult classes.
  • Please plan on either bringing your lunch or buying it for those classes that run all day.

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