Cushing's Perfection Dyes

We have many colors in stock and can also order others. See the color cards below.
Cushing's Perfection Acid Dyes are suitable for wool, mohair, silk, other protein based fibers and nylon. Click here for a color card.

Cushing's Perfection Direct Dyes are used for cotton, linen, hemp and other plant fibers including basket reed. Click here for a color card.

PRO MX Reactive Dyes (Procion)

These will dye cellulose fibers (plant based fibers like cotton, linen, ramie, hemp, viscose rayon, bamboo, jute, paper, wood, basket reed, even silk at room temperature). They are completely intermixable and have excellent wash and light fastness. With a different procedure these dyes also work on protein fibers (such as wool). We also have dye activator and Synthrapol in stock.

Earthues Natural Dye Extracts

We carry these in 1 oz. jars as well as the necessary mordants and the Natural Dye Instruction Booklet. Earthues are the dyes that are distributed by Michele Wipplinger. Many of you met Michele at N.E.W.S. a few years ago.

We also carry books and dyeing supplies.

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