The definition of geo - combining form, from the Webster dictionary, is “earth: ground: soil”. The definition of gradient is “the rate of regular or graded ascent or descent”. The colors are definitely gradient. Starting with lightest shade and working to the darkest shade. But I can’t figure out why geo is in the name.… Continue reading Geogradient

That perfect knit for a gift

Well, Halloween is over and it’s officially the holiday season! I think that every other commercial is a Christmas commercial. The stores are decorated for the holidays, sales are already happening for that perfect gift. Around this time each year, I am looking for the perfect knit to give as gifts to the many people… Continue reading That perfect knit for a gift

What is a guild and should I join one?

I say yes. A guild is a great way to meet other artists (beginners and advanced) who share your craft. In a guild meeting you can learn new skills and enjoy socializing with others who understand the passion you have for your craft. Let’s face it, we all have family members whose eyes glaze over… Continue reading What is a guild and should I join one?

What is clean palate knitting?

I first heard this term from a knitting designer, Jill, from Knitsisu. She was teaching an on-line class and a few of us were stressing over the design. Jill’s recommendation is that when you are working on a design that takes a lot of concentration, work on it for a while, and then go to… Continue reading What is clean palate knitting?

Get ready for a geometric explosion!

This should be really fun! It's pretty wild to be knitting something that you don't have any idea what it will look like or how the yarns will actually look knitted up. Stephen West writes: We are going to have so much fun knitting an out of this world shawl design. This year’s shawl will… Continue reading Get ready for a geometric explosion!