Get ready for a geometric explosion!

This should be really fun! It’s pretty wild to be knitting something that you don’t have any idea what it will look like or how the yarns will actually look knitted up.

Stephen West writes: We are going to have so much fun knitting an out of this world shawl design. This year’s shawl will be a geometric explosion of color using a gradient of four colors. Join me as I guide you through the mesmerizing stitches of this year’s mystery shawl with video tutorials throughout October. Get ready to blast off as we cast on Thursday, October 5!

Check out Stephen’s video for this MKAL!

We’ll post more information in a week or so on how to sign up and how to get your yarns. We’ll be meeting on Thursday nights and will make sure that everyone has the latest pattern update.

Here’s the Ravelry link if you’d like to sign up now and get a jump on things. Needles up, everyone!

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