The elephant in my knitting bag

So, this week we will be going onto Clue 3 of the Geogradient mystery knit.
I don’t know about you, but for me, this was a dilemma. I finished the first clue which has since been discontinued. And, with respect to all, I don’t see a negative pattern. I see a very pretty geometric design in peach, yellow, orange and pink. I was proud of myself for finishing it because I had no visual directions to follow and my square actually became a square.

However, I have great respect for humanity–and great respect for Stephen West–therefore I chose to put the original clue aside and create his new alternate design going forward. I took several days to think about this and, for me, it felt like the right thing to do. This shawl will go down in The History of Knitting Almanac (I don’t think that actually exists) as the first mystery knit to be redesigned. During his recent YouTube video, Stephen said that it’s never happened before. So, I’m choosing to be part of history and I will wear my shawl with positive vibes.

However you chose to continue your shawl, know that you are also part of this knitting history.

So, here is my alternate design block. It’s not done and has a few issues. The stitches are a bit wonky, the stitch count is not correct yet, and I don’t love the yarn I bought from Amsterdam. It’s called Holst Garn, 100% wool, and it’s a bit scratchy. I’m hoping it blocks softer and that my stitches become smoother too. However, life right now seems to be a bit wonky, a bit scratchy, and a bit uneven like my stitches. So I will embrace this crazy time, hope for the best, and knit on.

Off our needles:

We now have a hat to go with the scary clown cowl, and I love the set together! Made with Berroco Dash. Pattern for the hat is Falmouth Super Bulky Hat on Ravelry.


A super cute hat, made with Dreambaby DK. This is Addies Cupcake Cap, pattern on Ravelry.

Come check out our store samples.

Happy Knitting!

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