Where do you hide yarn?

This past week, I got to spend time with my niece. She got married a month ago and is learning quickly how to hide her yarn purchases. Part of me was a bit taken back. But as I thought about it, I realized, that as I check out customers here at the store, I’m often told that they will hide their purchase, or leave it in the car until they can bring their purchase in the house unobserved. WHY????

I know that the curmudgeon in my life feels I buy too much yarn. I’m often using the standard phrases of “It’s better than other stuff I could be purchasing (drugs)”, “yarn is my therapy”, and “I’m making presents for people” (which never all seem to get made)”. In the presents realm, I often tell him that I’m saving him money by making holiday or birthday gifts. But I believe he has caught on. When that skein of yarn is $35, and the knit hat he sees in a store is $20, he rolls his eyes at me. He knows it’s a losing battle to interfere with my yarn purchases.

As far as hiding yarn, I no longer do this. We’ve been together 35 years, and I no longer have the energy to be sneaky. But I must admit, I enjoyed the idea that my niece is in the early stages of marriage, hiding her yarn purchases, and following in my footsteps.

Where is the most unique place you have hidden a fiber purchase?

Socks, socks, socks! I don’t love knitting socks. However, I’ve been watching people in my knitting group making socks and I’m taking the plunge. Gracie Girl just brought in her sock kits, and I love the color combinations she chose. I’m especially in love with the Christmas Holiday colorway. I’m picturing my feet in my hand knit socks relaxing on the footrest with a Christmas Hallmark movie playing in the background. Of course, I’ll capture it in a picture😉.

Happy knitting!

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