What is clean palate knitting?

I first heard this term from a knitting designer, Jill, from Knitsisu. She was teaching an on-line class and a few of us were stressing over the design. Jill’s recommendation is that when you are working on a design that takes a lot of concentration, work on it for a while, and then go to a “clean palate knit”. That is a knitting project that lets your mind relax, becomes rhythmic, and you can watch a tv show or listen to a podcast while you are working on it. My go-to knits, when I need a relaxing knit, are hats. A worsted weight yarn, a size 8 needle, 16 inch, one stitch marker and I’m good to go. I’ve discovered that, depending on my brim, I can make a hat for a small adult with 90-100 stitches. I can take this knit with me to a movie, a doctor appointment, or while riding in the car. I can have a conversation while knitting, and I’m being productive. And I always have a finished hat for the grandchild or nephew who is always losing their hat.
With this shout out to Jill, make sure to check out her patterns on Ravelry, under the name Knitsisu. They are always great for a fun knitting adventure.


I had such a fun time in the shop this past Sunday. I got to meet each person who has signed up for Stephen Wests’s Geogradient KAL, that we will be hosting on Thursday nights in October. I loved watching the process of how you all chose your colors. No two are alike and I can’t wait to see how they knit up.


If you have a chance, watch these two women on YouTube. They are sisters in Canada who discuss everything from make up and recipes to knitting. They are entertaining. They had a great book recommendation: Knitovation by Andrea Rangel. It’s available for preorder right now. I want to experiment with color work and this book is sure to give me ideas.

On My Needles

I’m very intrigued by the Archaos sweater.

This is a Berroco pattern knit in Berroco Carousel and Berroco Aerial held together. It has an entrelac panel around the front and on the sleeves. I love the colors I chose (4432 and 3433). It reminds me of fall leaves.

Happy knitting!

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